Kamala Harris Loses It on Live TV – She Suffers Major “Word Salad,” Over and Over She Repeats ‘Seriously’

Kamala Harris hasn’t had a great year and a half. As Biden’s right-hand woman, she has failed to impress… well anybody.

Even Joe—who has the worst approval ratings ever—doesn’t want her around. Recently, she tried to use the Highland Park shooting to push the left’s agenda.

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But it was one of her worst train wrecks to date.

From Fox News and VESA:

Just one day after the mass shooting that resulted in seven killed and over 30 injured, Harris visited the northern suburb of Chicago to meet with local law enforcement…

“We’ve got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are because you have been forced to take this seriously,” Harris said…

The clip, shared by Chicago Tribune reporter Jake Sheridan, drew attention on social media with critics mocking the vice president as the “Word Salad Queen.”

Dang. Kamala Harris, trying to sound like a “presidential” figure, stumbled over her words while visiting Highland Park, IL.

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Instead of offering a few compassionate words, she overshot her opportunity. And, as usual, she made a mess of her comments.

She followed up her “seriously” comments with another jumble of words about how the nation needs to “understand.”

But the only person who is not being understood is Harris.

Why didn’t she just say hello, remind the community that we support them, and that the administration will do everything it can to help?

Just a few simple, kind words were needed. Is Harris capable of doing that?

We don’t think so. This entire administration, from top to bottom, appears to be made up of cardboard cutouts.

People who look the part of leaders, but have no idea how to lead.

As usual, this tragic event could have been prevented, had law enforcement (including the FBI) stepped in long before.

But our corrupt government continues to let this happen and pushes gun control as a poor solution.

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