Kamala Harris Might Have Broken The Law – Her Video Urging Churchgoers To Vote Could Violate IRS Rule

Do Democrats really respect our laws and customs? They would be the first to call out Republicans for even mentioning violating norms like “separation of Church and State.” But when it can actually work to their advantage?

Let’s just say Democrats seem more than willing to bend the rules.

Kamala Harris hasn’t done much to help the administration. Recently, she was torched over a staged video with child actors. She hasn’t seemed to learn her lesson, because she’s at it again with another video. This one, however, might have broken more than a long-standing norm.

From Fox News:

In the final weeks before Election Day, more than 300 Black churches across Virginia have agreed to play a video in which Vice President Kamala Harris urges churchgoers to vote after the services for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe — a move that some experts claim violates the law.

Some lawyers suggest that the video violates Internal Revenue Service rules for churches that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS code.

More than 300 black churches in Virginia have allegedly agreed to play a video of Kamala Harris, ordering them to vote for Democrat candidate for governor, Terry McAuliffe. And some legal experts are saying this violates IRS law.

According to Section 501(c)3 of the IRS code, tax-exempt entities are not allowed to “participate in, or intervene in [including the publishing or distributing of statements], any political campaign on behalf of [or in opposition to] any candidate for public office.”

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That means, most churches are not allowed to push politics during services. Individuals can express their views, but when the actual organization participates in what is a partisan campaign, it could cost them their tax-exempt status.

Democrats frequently complain when conservatives mention God or go to churches to gain support. But they are oddly silent when their own candidates do the same. For Kamala Harris to demand these churches play a partisan video?

That tramples all over the line between Church and state.

Can Democrats continue to pretend like they respect that separation when they are ordering black churchgoers to vote a certain way?

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