Kamala Harris Sent Spinning By Kayleigh McEnany – She Blames The VP’s Silence On Wanting To Be President

Plenty of leaders have commented on the crisis in Afghanistan. But one is oddly silent.

Joe Biden has failed to explain what went wrong. He also refuses to take responsibility.

Many lawmakers and officials are slamming Biden for his epic failure. Some are launching investigations.

Others are demanding answers.

But one person has refused to even comment on the crisis, despite her high rank in the administration.

Now, Kayleigh McEnany is revealing why Kamala Harris is so quiet about Afghanistan.

From Daily Caller:

McEnany said on “Outnumbered” that Harris did not want her name associated with the chaotic scene in Afghanistan — as the Taliban took control of the country – because she wanted to be president in three and a half years.

Former Trump staffer Kayleigh McEnany slammed Kamala Harris for not commenting on the crisis in Afghanistan.

The former White House press secretary claims that Harris is MIA because she doesn’t want to harm her chances at becoming president in 2024.

It’s pretty odd that the “vice president” has not commented on the situation. Heck, Mike Pence has spoken out. He’s even written an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal.

Why is it that Trump and Pence have been more vocal and helpful during this time than the people actually in office?

We all know Harris is as competent as a third grader. She can’t do the jobs given to her (see: the border crisis).

But the very least she can do is issue a statement assuring the American people that the administration is handling the problem.

After all, she previously claimed she was involved in the decision to pull our troops.

McEnany seems to believe Harris is lying low, to avoid getting the blame. If she gets flack over this crisis, it will hurt her political chances.

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Some think Biden will bail in 2024, leaving Harris another shot at the White House. This Afghanistan thing is certainly going to tank the Biden administration.

If Harris wants to survive, she has to avoid attention right now.

Pretty sad, when you think about it. She’s more concerned with her image than helping during a crisis.

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