Kamala Harris Sent Spinning By New Poll – Over Half Of Americans Do Not Think She Is Presidential Material

As the “vice president” (we’re waiting for her to act like it), Kamala Harris is next in line for the top job.

Many people wonder if Joe Biden will run for a second term. Some think he might not last his first term.

There are many scenarios where Harris could end up sitting in the Oval Office.

But are Americans confident this woman has what it takes to lead?

A new poll asked voters if they think she can be president. Harris will have a meltdown over these responses.

From Just the News:

A new poll from Convention of States Action shows nearly 60% of those surveyed are not confident about Vice President Kamala Harris becoming president…

The flagging numbers for the vice president cross partisan lines, as 42.6% of Democrat voters say they are not very confident or not confident at all that Harris is ready to become the county’s next commander in chief.

Ouch. This is a big fail for the administration. A presidential candidate usually picks someone that can take over, if the need arises.

Often vice presidents will eventually run for president in the future. Yet Biden laid a big ol’ goose egg when he picked someone based on her gender and race—not her qualifications.

Because this poll reveals a shocking 58.6% of Americans don’t think Harris is fit for the White House.

On top of that, 42.6% of Democrats said they are “not very confident” in Harris. Wow. That’s a real burn.

Does this surprise us? She got only 2% support during the Democratic primaries. In her home state, she only got 7%.

Even back then, Americans didn’t want her. Why would Biden and company think that would change now, after Harris has, by many measures, failed at the VP job?

Remember, she was tasked by Biden to handle perhaps the biggest crisis to face our country: the border crisis.

Yet she has done nothing to reduce the number of people rushing our border every month. That earned her a big ZERO in most Americans’ books.

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This does not bode well for the Democrats in the coming elections. Parties bank on the success of their president and his administration to win elections. Democrats are not strong going into 2022.

And 2024? Who will lead the party? Biden—who might be too “out of it” to run again? It certainly won’t be Harris, after this disastrous poll.

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