Kamala Harris Silently Corrects Her Boss On Live TV – After He Mixes Up Ukrainians With Iranians She Quietly Appears To Mouths ‘Ukrainian’

Biden’s State of the Union address was last night. And, as you might imagine, it was a train wreck. Most of the problems came from Biden’s inability to communicate effectively. It underscored many Americans’ worries that the man is unwell and mentally unfit to lead. Among the many mistakes he made, Biden at one point confused “Ukrainians” with “Iranians.”

A pretty bad blunder to make, as Ukraine is fighting for survival against invading Russians. Biden has already failed to offer enough support for our ally, but calling them by another country? That’s insult added to injury. But things got downright humiliating when Kamala was seen correcting old Joe.

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From Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris was seen mouthing some words after President Biden mixed up Ukrainians and Iranians in his first State of the Union speech.

It’s not certain what the vice president is mouthing in response to Biden’s gaffe, but some observers suggested that she was correcting the president’s gaffe by saying the word “Ukrainian.”

Harris could then be seen making a face.

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Ooo, not a good look, Kamala. Biden messed up, yeah. That was bad. It made Biden look so mentally incompetent, he didn’t know the difference between Ukraine and Iran. Those are two very different countries. But for Harris to be seemingly correcting him, knowing this was live on TV, was very insulting. If the woman had any sense at all, she would have let the gaffe slide and let Biden continue with his speech.

We all know Biden is slipping, mentally. The left might be trying to ignore it, but we know it’s true. With each passing day, he struggles to read speeches, answer questions, or complete his thoughts. Does Kamala have to bring more attention to it by “correcting” him before the entire nation?

Perhaps she did this on purpose? We’ve all read about the reports that her office and Biden’s are not getting along. Biden appears to be sidelining the woman and her people claim he is to blame for her poor approval numbers. Many people wondered if Harris was looking to run for president in 2024. This little moment could have been her way of taking a shot at Joe, literally behind his back.

We can’t know for us. But it was inappropriate and unfit for someone that is supposed to be “vice president.”

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