Kamala Harris Tries To Take Credit From Trump – She Claims Her Paycheck Protection Program Helped People

Does Kamala Harris have any victories she can claim her own? Well, as “vice president” she’s done bunk-all. She has not helped in any legislative process this year. Her job to “fix” the border crisis did nothing. She’s jetted off to Europe or Asia whenever things get tough. And she’s frequently missing when Biden is forced to deal with the fallout of his bad decisions.

But this woman wants to run for president, one day. And with a 28% approval rating, she has as good of a chance at winning as you or me. So, she has taken to stealing other people’s victories and pretending they are her own. Including one program created by Trump.

That’s right. Kamala Harris tried to pass off the Paycheck Protection Program as her own. How is that even possible? She’s not the president, so she wouldn’t have signed anything to create the program. And furthermore, it was created back in 2020, when Donald Trump was president.

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Is she trying to take credit for it, because back then she was a senator? There were plenty of people who approved the legislation that provided funds for this program. She can’t claim she had anything to do with its success.

In fact, much of the relief provided by the government last year was spearheaded by Trump. He even made sure life-saving supplies and equipment were provided to cities across the country. And he cut through red tape to secure three vaccines, the very same vaccines Biden wants us to take.

What did Harris do during the devastating crisis of 2020? Hmm… let’s see. She failed to win the presidential nomination. That’s it.

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