Kamala Harris Turns Heads In Concerning Display – The VP Struggles To Use An Electric Vehicle Charging Station

So, we’ve had a female VP for about a year. How has Kamala Harris distinguished herself in the office? Oh, if you asked her office, it’s not really her job to prove herself. Biden’s office should be propping her up, giving her opportunities to shine.

But the few times old Joe’s given Harris a task, she’s failed terribly. Remember the video with the child actors? Remember when she did a French accent, in front of French people, in France? Or the time she asked NASA to count trees in neighbors for “racial justice”? Well, she’s just topped them all, in front of an electric car.

From Daily Wire:

Vice President Kamala Harris was mocked online on Monday afternoon after attempting to demonstrate how to use an electric car charging station in Prince George’s County, Maryland, as she seemingly struggled to understand how she would know that the car was actually being charged once it was plugged in…

“So how do I know it’s actually working?” Harris asked SemaConnect CEO Mahi Reddy.

“It is,” Reddy said. “So typically, once you [inaudible] it’s actually charging.”

“But how would I know that?” Harris continued. “Tell me how I would know that.”

Uhh… wow. It’s worse than we thought. While showing off the “wonders” of electric vehicles, they asked Kamala Harris to plug in a car for charging. And, in a scene that makes your grandma look tech-savvy, she asked how she could know the car was, in fact, charging.

She mentioned that you know a gas-powered vehicle was refueling because you could hear the sound of the gas moving through the pump. And smell the fumes. Yeah, you could also read the screen that’s telling you how much gas you’re pumping. Or you could check your gas meter on your dashboard.

Electric cars are not all that different. You can check if it’s charging by simply looking at the car’s dashboard/information panel. Most charging stations also have a screen that indicates the system is working.

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Has… Kamala ever used modern technology? Does she not have a smartphone? There are rumors that she is anti-Bluetooth.

You know, when you plug in a phone to charge, there’s no “guzzling” sound or smell. If there is, you’re in big trouble. How does Harris know her phone is charged? Doesn’t she look at the screen?

It’s kind of shocking to think that the “vice president” doesn’t even know to check the car or charging station for this basic information. She comes off older than old Joe himself.

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