Kamala Raises Eyebrows With Christmas Order – She Tells Americans To Buy Their Presents Now In Case Of Lockdown

Democrats really know how to step in it, huh? And Kamala Harris might be the best at it.

The talentless “vice president” has done nothing to stand out since entering office.

She’s avoided the few responsibilities given to her. And on the most crucial issues, she’s as weak as Biden.

As Afghanistan falls, she is off in Asia, enjoying a series of photo ops. But during her time away, she made a bizarre and unhelpful statement.

And Americans are in no way pleased.

From Fox News:

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell expressed concern on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that Democrats are aiming to shut down the U.S. economy again after Vice President Kamala Harris advised shoppers to consider buying Christmas presents now due to global supply chain issues.

As usual, Harris is making no sense. It seems like she urged Americans to buy their Christmas presents now, because of the strain on the supply chain.

We’ve all see goods in short supply, thanks to virus-induced shutdowns.

Plenty of companies foolishly slowed down production, as if the economy would never open up.

The quick reopening of the country put a strain on many supply chains—since companies were collecting welfare from the government instead of producing goods.

That strain has hurt the housing market, the auto market, groceries, manufacturing, and more.

It seems like Harris’s is warning Americans that if they don’t buy what they want now, it might not be available come December.

Which is just the sort of thing to spark panic-buying and hoarding, which directly leads to shortages!

Good job, Kamala! You really have no idea what you’re doing, huh?

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Why isn’t the administration working on ending these supply shortages? If Trump was in office, he’d slash through red tape to make sure every last industry was roaring again.

If there was some kind of shortage, he’d move heaven and earth to ensure the gap was closed.

Meanwhile, Biden is so weak and pathetic, his VP is sparking new fears and worries, instead of instilling confidence.

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