Kamala Turns Heads On The World Stage As She Uses Awkward Accent On Live Video

Well, you got to hand it to the Biden administration. Just when you thought Joe was the most embarrassing member of the team, someone else finds a way to top him. And nobody does that better than “vice president,” Kamala Harris.

Biden gave the border crisis to Harris–which shows you just how little he cared about it. After doing nothing to help, she disappeared for months. Even as America struggles with a number of crises, she jetted off to France to “patch up” relations after Biden ruined things. But even that didn’t go over well, as this California Democrat tried to do a French accent.

From Newsweek:

Footage of Vice President Kamala Harris speaking with what has been described as a French accent has been viewed more than 1 million times on Twitter…

“Then everyone gets together, no one gets beat up about it, you analyze it—what went wrong, re-evaluate, update the hypothesis and start again.”

Harris then used what many have described as a French accent while saying “The Plan” and “Defend The Plan.”

Oh. My. Word. Can this woman just go hideout, wherever Joe hides out when he screws up? This administration is appearing more and more like an SNL skit–back when SNL was funny. While speaking with French scientists, Harris decided it was a good idea to break out her French accent.

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Why!? Why did a woman (who is part Indian and part Jamaican) think she could suddenly do a convincing French accent? She’s from California for crying out loud. Did she really think that would have impressed these hard-working scientists?

Maybe, if she had broken out–I dunno–actually French, they would have been impressed. But to do a cartoonish version of a French accent is far more insulting than it is complimentary. It’s as if Harris thinks this is all just a scene from a 90s sitcom–nothing matters, but this isn’t a real administration.

Imagine if Mike Pence did this? Every late-night talk show host would be making fun of him for weeks. The media would write him off as a joke, not a world leader. So, what does this say about Harris, a woman who was one of the least important members of the Senate who stumbled into this job?

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