Kayleigh McEnany Rebukes CNN’s Jake Tapper: “Your Source Should Put Her Name on the Record if She Claims to Know the Intent of my Tweets”

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shut down CNN’s Jake Tapper as the former colleagues engaged in a Twitter feud.

Kayleigh went on Twitter to comment on Joe Biden’s town hall writing, “Signing off with a final notable quote from Joe Biden during his town hall this evening: ‘Everyone knows I love kids better than people.’’’

CNN’s Jake Tapper, multiple hours later, questioned McEnany for the tweet saying it was for the conspiracy theory crowd.

From the website : Trump Rips Biden Over CNN Interview: “He’s Either Not Telling A Truth, Or He’s Mentally Gone, One Or The Other”

Jake said, “From a former WH colleague of McEnany’s: “This is 100% meant to stir up the qanon crowd.”

McEany fired right back and jake and shut him down.

“I tweeted this revealing, bizarre quote from Joe Biden that underscores his horrific pro-choice, anti-child policies that have dehumanized life (Mexico City policy, etc.) cc: @jaketapper your source should put her name on the record if she claims to know the intent of my tweets,” she wrote.

From The Daily Wire:

In June 2020, after the Supreme Court struck down a law in Louisiana requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, McEnany issued a statement saying:

In an unfortunate ruling today, the Supreme Court devalued both the health of mothers and the lives of unborn children by gutting Louisiana’s policy that required all abortion procedures be performed by individuals with admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. …

States have legitimate interests in regulating any medical procedure—including abortions—to protect patient safety. 

Instead of valuing fundamental democratic principles, unelected Justices have intruded on the sovereign prerogatives of State governments by imposing their own policy preference in favor of abortion to override legitimate abortion safety regulations.

McEnany cited former Vice President Mike Pence for his pro-life stance during the vice-presidential debate in October:

“I’m pro-life. I don’t apologize for it. Joe Biden & Kamala Harris want abortion UNTIL BIRTH – Vice President @Mike_Pence.


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