Kayleigh McEnany Turns The Tables On Biden – She Claims Trump’s Presidency Wasn’t A Series of Crises Like Joe’s

Millions of Americans are waking up to the painful reality that they backed the wrong horse.

The fall of Afghanistan to terrorist forces revealed just how incompetent and unqualified Joe Biden is to lead.

Despite the still-unfolding disaster, Joe Biden refuses to admit his failures. He even tried to blame Donald Trump again and again.

But Americans know the score. And so does Trump’s former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

And she just put Biden in his place.

From Washington Examiner:

Following a discussion about Biden’s falling poll numbers , Fox News host Jesse Watters outlined multiple controversies the Biden team faces, including the messy evacuations of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies out of Kabul after a Taliban takeover, after which McEnany noted there are still more than three years left in the current administration.

“When President Trump was president, you didn’t see crisis after crisis,” she said on Tuesday. “You just didn’t see it.”

Kayleigh McEnany slammed Biden’s already failed presidency. She contrasted him with Trump, saying the Trump administration wasn’t a series of crises.

While Trump faced his share of crises, they were caused by forces outside his control. Such as the migrant caravan crisis of 2018 and the 2020 virus.

Despite that, Trump used his wealth of experience and leadership skills to address each crisis masterfully.

Biden, on the other hand, deliberately created crises due to his rash decision-making, lack of foresight, and faulty leadership abilities.

The entire Biden administration, so far, has been one crisis after another.

First, it was the economic crisis caused by his “stimulus” bill. That created rising inflation and a workers shortage.

Then came the gas crisis, thanks to Biden’s ban on drilling for oil and natural gas.

After that, we learned of the border crisis that Biden was directly responsible for.

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Of course, there is the ongoing crime epidemic in major cities—a crisis Biden has failed to address.

And, finally, the tragic fall of Afghanistan, which many believe is 100% Biden’s fault, although he has only praised himself and blamed everyone else.

Did I miss anything? Hell, it’s only been eight months, and Biden’s responsible for more crises than the last five presidents combined.

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