Kevin McCarthy Claims “100-Year Storm” Is Coming – GOP Minority Leader Makes Prediction For 2022 Elections

As 2021 races by, the 2022 midterm elections loom larger on the horizon. Democrats are hoping they can maintain their stranglehold on the House and Senate, but the GOP has other ideas.

Republicans have been touting a possible “red wave” for most of the year — they believe the stage is set for a major shift in power on Capitol Hill.

And now, House GOP boss Kevin McCarthy has some good news for conservative citizens.

During an interview with Fox News, McCarthy made his case for a Republican takeover in 2022, and he cited a variety of reasons why it could happen.

He was speaking on the last day of the “Gold Caucus Summit,” a summer event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Typically, many wealthy GOP donors attend, and this often includes many top Republican officials.

McCarthy said the “red wave” kicked into high gear when Democratic Rep. Ron Kind of Wisconsin announced his retirement last week.

That makes 8 House Democrats who have announced they’re leaving, either via retirement or because they’re trying for state office.

And it represents a big-time opportunity for the GOP.

McCarthy is predicting more Democrat retirements, and he also spoke about a certain phenomenon (via Fox News):

Pointing to history and redistricting, the House GOP leader emphasized that ‘this cycle is like the 100-year storm.’

He also pointed to the current climate and argued that ‘you look at the issue set of where the public is at – crime, inflation, wokeism, the border – all of those the Democrats have to play defense.

Republicans don’t have to play defense at all.’

McCarthy also said Republicans have redistricting on their side, and “this is going to be a lasting majority.”

Republicans will need a net gain of 5 seats in the 2022 elections to reclaim the House. They lost it to Democrats during the 2018 midterms.

But in more good news, history says that on average, the party that wins the White House loses more than 25 House seats in the next midterm elections. The GOP only needs 1/5 of that.

Then there’s the Senate, where the GOP ate into the Democrat majority. Said McCarthy:

First time since ’94 no incumbent lost, but more importantly we beat 15 Democrats. We elected more women than at any given time.

The recruiting class we had last time was fabulous.

Lastly, the Republican leader believes the current cycle is even better than the last, and they’re going to have a larger force then Democrats “can even imagine.”

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Additionally, we’ve seen the GOP hit some encouraging fundraising milestones. So, when you consider all angles, one could argue that Republicans have the definite edge for 2022.

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