Kevin McCarthy Goes Along With Democrats To Remove Confederate Statues From Capitol

Kevin McCarthy told Democrats today that he agrees with them on removing confederate statues from the Capitol building, but he wants them to know that every statue they are removing is a Democrat:

From Daily Caller :

GOP Leader McCarthy during debate on a bill to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol: “All of the statues being removed by this bill are statues of Democrats… Maybe it’s time the Democrats change the name of their party.”

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McCarthy has a good point. But still, in going along with the removal of statues, he’s essentially condoning what is part of a larger push by Democrats to transform our society into some kind of ‘socialist utopia’.

We’ve already seen that they’ve expanded well past statues of confederate soldiers, even labeling that famous statue of Lincoln freeing the slaves as racist. They took a replica of it down in Boston!

I know that McCarthy fears being labeled a racist if he opposes this, but it’s the principle of the matter that matters and where it’s headed.


    no the Southerners were NOT demoncrats. they were Americans fighting for states right. remember the victors rewrite history every single times

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