Kevin McCarthy living with Frank Luntz – mountain or molehill?

Last night Tucker Carlson revealed that pollster Frank Luntz and Kevin McCarthy have recently been roommates in DC, claiming that this is one of the reasons a corporate Democrat pollster like Luntz has an oversized voice in the Republican Party with people like Kevin McCarthy:

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I watched the segment but was somewhat underwhelmed, as there were no clear allegations of wrongdoing. Sure, McCarthy admitted via his spox that he rented a room from Luntz, but what does that prove really?

McCarthy was on with Fox News this morning and responded to the so-called roommate controversy:

McCarthy admitted again that he had lived with Luntz, saying that the reason is when Democrats took over, they were changing things around and he thus rented a room from Luntz for a couple months. He says he paid fair market value and that he’s been friends with Luntz for over 30 years, all the way back to Newt Gingrich’s days in the House. McCarthy also noted that he’s back to sleeping in his office like before.

Take this for what you will. Unless there’s evidence of something more seedy going on here, I just don’t see the big deal.

I think what’s more newsworthy is how McCarthy is having to cope with his decision to put Liz Cheney in a leadership position:

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