Kyle Rittenhouse Sends Biden A Challenge – He Wants To Sit Down With The President To “Explain The Facts”

All of America watched as Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges last month. The verdict was a win for all Americans who believe in the Second Amendment for self-defense. And it was a victory over the slanderous media and far left, who branded the young man a racist and criminal before any facts were in.

Rittenhouse is a free man, but he is far from in the clear. The left will most likely try to continue to mark him as a villain, despite the verdict. So Rittenhouse issued an “invitation” to Joe Biden.

From The Blaze:

During an interview with Steven Crowder on “Louder with Crowder,” Rittenhouse said, “Mr. President, I hope you see this. … I’d have a sit-down and I’ll explain the facts to you so you can understand them.”

“If he reached out, I’d be happy to tell him my side of the story of what happened,” he added.

As a presidential candidate, Biden implied that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist.

After the events in Kenosha, Joe Biden spoke about Rittenhouse. He quickly lumped him in with supposed “white supremacists” and used it as an excuse to slander then-President Donald Trump.

It appears Biden never paid attention to the facts. More recently, after the verdicts were in, Biden claimed to be disappointed in the results.

Suggesting that Biden has never bothered to learn what really happened. He instead is just going along with the left-wing narrative that Rittenhouse was a “racist” that murdered innocent protestors.

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So, Rittenhouse spoke about old Joe during his interview with Crowder. He even offered to sit down with the Democrat and explain the actual facts. That sounds like a good idea since Biden is “president,” after all, and should know what is going on in our country.

It’s no secret the media and many liberals online eviscerated Rittenhouse before, during, and after the trial. Even though the facts appeared to clear his name, they still consider him some kind of enemy. They still called him a racist (even though the men he killed were white). It seems Democrats would have preferred Rittenhouse to have been hurt by those rioters—who had shady records themselves.

Do you think Biden will take Rittenhouse up on his offer? We know Trump would have if he were still in office. In fact, Trump would have been the first to invite Rittenhouse, so he could greet the young man and hear his story. That’s exactly what Trump did, outside the White House, as evidenced by photos that hit social media a few weeks ago.

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