Larry Elder Has Gavin Newsom On The Run In California – The Governor’s Recall Status Is On The Ropes

Defying all the odds, a group of patriots mounted a successful recall effort against CA Democrat Gavin Newsom.

They collected millions of signatures to trigger a recall election against their leftist governor.

But the liberal-leaning polls all claimed Newsom was safe. There was nobody who could take him out.

Until Larry Elder entered the race. The state tried to block his candidacy, leading to a victorious court battle.

Now it seems like Newsom is on the run, as Elder begins to heat up the race.

From Wall Street Journal:

Ballots for the Sept. 14 vote will start being mailed in the coming weeks, and three recent polls show Mr. Newsom is vulnerable. An Inside California Politics/Emerson poll this week found that only 48% of registered voters would vote to keep Mr. Newsom in office while 46% would remove him, within the margin of error. On Wednesday Survey USA released a poll that showed Mr. Newsom losing the recall vote, 51% to 40%.

Prior to Elder’s entry into the race, the polls claimed Newsom was perfectly safe.

Never mind his hypocritical rules or his mismanagement of the state. The voters would keep him around, despite his failures.

But once Elder, a popular black conservative voice, announced he was running, things changed fast.

The latest polls show that Newsom could very well be ousted. The latest have him losing within the margin of error, meaning that this is a very real race.

Elder himself shared his belief that Newsom is in “serious trouble.”

This would be a major win for conservatives, should Newsom be recalled. And it could be a sign of things to come.

Long ago, California was a strong conservative state. But liberals from cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco managed to flip the state, creating a Democrat super-majority.

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Despite that, there are many strong conservatives in many regions of California. They were the ones who got the recall election started.

And it’s possible they will be able to prevail with Larry Elder at the helm.

How will things shake out? We’ll know soon enough. The election will be held on Sept 14, with ballots being sent out this month.

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