LATEST ARIZONA AUDIT UPDATE: With Only Three Untouched Pallets Remaining Some Boxes Are Missing Up To 20% Of The Ballots

On Wednesday morning, the historic Arizona audit proceeded with only three untouched pallets remaining.

And now according to new reports, we will likely find “substantially less” than 2.1 million ballots due to large discrepancies between the number of ballots listed and the number actually counted.

A few boxes are missing up to 20% of the ballots.

We may also find that we have more questions than answers because of this.

Former Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones will take a tour through the facility where the audit is taking place.

He is one of the strongest voices for this audit in Georgia.

“While Brian Kemp sits behind the gilded gates of the Governor’s Mansion, I’m in Arizona today meeting with those on the frontlines of the effort to restore the integrity of our elections,” Jones said.

This man is running for Governor of Georgia to replace the corrupt Gov. Kemp, to put an end to Stace Abrahms, and only put Georgia first.

Six delegations: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Colorado, Alaska, Virginia, and Nevada have visited this audit and are currently looking for a way to bring this state-of-the-art process home.

TRENDING : Republicans Believe

Rep. Vernon Jones, who is a former Democrat, who knows their tricks will also scrutinize this audit today.


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