Lauren Boebert Ruins Biden’s Big Speech With Her Outfit – The GOP Firebrand’s Clothes Say “Drill Baby Drill”

It’s no secret Biden is responsible for record-breaking gas prices. Because of his “green” energy policies, Americans are forced to get oil from foreign countries. Of course, the lack of American energy is forcing prices to go sky-high. Biden has promised repeatedly to get prices down, yet he refuses to do the one thing necessary to make that a reality.

It seems like he’s more concerned with making OPEC happy than the average American.

Well, Republican newcomer to Congress Lauren Boebert didn’t think that was good enough. And she used the State of the Union to send a message to Joe and the country. And it was far more interesting and thought-provoking than the last time a congresswoman wore a message on her dress.

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From Fox News:

Boebert, a firebrand freshman member, also wanted to send a message to Biden to boost domestic oil production and stop funding Vladimir Putin’s war by buying Russian oil.

Boebert wore a “Drill Baby Drill” outfit to Tuesday night’s address as Republicans pressure Biden to roll back restrictions on domestic energy production and restart the Keystone XL pipeline.

State of the Union: Lauren Boebert wears 'Drill Baby Drill' shawl as fellow  Republicans back Ukraine in blue and yellow

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AOC’s not the only one that can put a “message” on her dress. But while AOC’s “Tax the rich” dress was pointless and hypocritical, Boebert actually means what she says. She wore a garment over her outfit that read “Drill, Baby Drill.” The message was pretty obvious. She was calling out Joe Biden’s idiotic policies that have effectively shut down American oil and gas drilling.

Biden passed a variety of orders that crippled American energy production. The worst was a ban on drilling on federal land. He also shut down the Keystone XL pipeline project, which would have brought billions of oils into the country (not to mention plenty of jobs and money). Biden claims his changes were to “protect” the environment. Yet he begged foreign nations to drill more oil to fix our problem.

So… he’s fine with other countries “harming” the planet, but not America? Is Biden working for OPEC or China? Perhaps he is doing this to enrich the tyrant from Russia? We can’t say why he’s doing it, but we know what it’s doing to the United States. Gas prices are reaching new highs, soon-to-be records not seen in nearly ten years.

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