Leaked Report Of Biden’s New Bill Hits The Internet – Picture Shows The Impossible To Read Monstrosity Is Over 2700 Pages Long

Oh, we heard all about the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill that was supposed to be a slam dunk for Americans.

It might not turn out that way.

For months, we were told that a group of Republican and Democrat senators came up with an agreement.

Instead of Biden’s massive spending plans, they would agree to a more modest proposal. This proposal would only spend cash on actual infrastructure needs.

Numerous Senate Republicans voted to proceed, without even seeing the bill.

Now that it has been written, people are starting to question what this really contains. Because the monstrosity is over 2,700 pages.

From Breitbart:

The text of a draft of the bill, obtained exclusively by Breitbart News from U.S. Senate sources not authorized to leak it, shows the plan is 2,701 pages long.

The text… shows the plan is far more sprawling and expansive than GOP senators, who backed advancing it without text even existing, led their constituents to believe.

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I mean just look at that thing!

Imagine having that dropped off on your desk and then the Democrats telling you that you have to vote on it next week. It’s impossible.

According to reports, this massive bill has been written in secret for months. It was not being done by the relevant committees, casting doubt on what’s really in this bill.

How can Americans trust this bill is really for infrastructure when it’s this long? Critics claim senators won’t even be able to read it before voting on it.

Considering how driven Democrats are to push socialism, we should be worried. For most of the year, Democrats have called a massive expansion of the welfare state “human infrastructure.”

Considering this bill was done in secret suggests it’s loaded with poison pills like that.

One report claims it “carves out” a big chunk of cash for RINO Lisa Murkowski’s state. Other states get nice big payouts, to possibly butter up more swamp-dwelling senators.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to expect senators to vote on something this massive and toxic. Who knows what else is in this bill?

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