“Let’s Go Brandon” Theme Song Tops Music Charts Is #1 Hip Hop Song in the U.S.

I thought the Democrats believed that black voters were on their side?

If the recent music charts are any indication, it appears that Joe Biden is less popular than ever.

The “Let’s Go Brandon!” theme song is topping the music charts this week.

It has officially placed #1 on the Hip-Hop chart in the United States.

As #1, “Let’s Go Brandon” has more streams, downloads, and purchases than any other single on the Hip-Hop chart.

Have you seen the music video?

Check it out here:

Theme Song – Loza Alexander Official Video

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The media will try to ignore this.

First of all, the song samples “f*** Joe Biden” chants in the background.

If you listen closely, you can hear the chants throughout the song.

Second, they likely hate that the song was created by a black artist.

Lola Alexander’s hit is now #1 across the U.S.

According to PJ Media:

Alternative rapper Loza Alexander’s surprise hit “Let’s Go Brandon” has topped the iTunes hip hop chart at #1. The anti-establishment banger currently sits at #2 overall, just behind power-ballad star Adele and ahead of industry heavy-hitters Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Elton John, and Justin Bieber. When you add up the mind-boggling amount of legacy media promotion these stars are granted as a matter of course, Alexander’s achievement is all the more impressive.

The expression “Let’s Go Brandon” was inadvertently created by NBC reporter Kelli Stavast as she was trying to interview NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. Brown had just won his race at the Talladega Superspeedway, and the crowd behind him was raucously performing the popular “F**k Joe Biden” chant. “You can hear the chants from the crowd,” said Stavast in an awkward attempt to wave away the elephant in the room, “Let’s Go Brandon!” The moment went viral, and “Let’s Go Brandon” is now the SFW version of the original chant.

It’s not every day that conservative artists and songs go viral.

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