Liberals’ Top Enemies On MLK Day Are Democrats – They Just Went After ‘White’ Senator Manchin And Sinema

Democrats have been failing since the start of 2021. Under Joe Biden, they broke their promise to “build back better.” From all appearances, Americans are worse off with Democrats in control of D.C. And voters are ready to kick many of them out of office.

But, true to their nature, Democrats refuse to acknowledge they are their own worst enemies. It’s their far-left agenda that’s put them (and the nation) in the state that it’s in. Instead, they are blaming anyone they can find for their problems. And on MLK Day, they blamed two of their own, stooping to a new low.

From Twitter:

.@ElieNYC: “The people like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, these are the white people that Martin Luther King Jr. warned us about.”

Democrats are now blaming moderates Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for all their failures. Elie Mystal a self-proclaimed “paladin” against Republicans, claimed these two senators are the “white people” Martin Luther King Jr. warned us about.

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On the day we remember a great man who died for this country, this Democrat is invoking his name to attack members of his own party. Can we find a worse example of what to do on MLK Day? But, with the Democrats, you never know how despicable and pathetic they’ll act to push their agenda.

What’s so ironic is that Manchin and Sinema saved the party. Had the “BBB” bill or “voting rights” bill done through, it would have been devastating for Democrats. More so than Biden’s already terrible administration. The BBB alone would have bankrupt America—and who would have voters blamed?

Not Trump, that’s for sure.

And Biden’s “voting rights” bills would have destroyed our democracy, something the left claims to care about so much. Americans would have fought back with a vengeance, putting Democrats out of power for years to come. It’s only Manchin and Sinema that are keeping Democrats from going off the deep end.

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