Lindsey Graham Gives Biden A Direct Order – He Demands Joe’s State Department Leaders To Be Fired

There’s no question Biden failed when he pulled our troops from Afghanistan.

But the blame goes beyond just Sleepy Joe. He had officials and advisors who signed off on this unplanned withdrawal.

Many experts warned Biden not to do it. Sen. Lindsey Graham also warned Biden not to remove our troops so hastily.

But all that was ignored. Now, Graham is on the warpath. He is demanding consequences over this disaster, starting with the State Department.

From Fox News:

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said heads should roll at President Biden’s State Department following the botched Afghanistan troop withdrawal…

“The best thing that can happen for Afghan women is if those in charge of this debacle at the State Department resign and be replaced by more competent individuals,” Graham tweeted.

Graham has placed the blame for the Afghanistan disaster at the feet of the State Department.

He criticized those within the administration who are mourning the fate of women in the foreign land.

Graham explained that the “best thing” that can happen for those in danger now is if those in the State Department resign. He wants them replaced with smarter folks.

Representative Andy Barr agrees with Graham. He wants “the resignations of every individual on President Biden’s national security team.”

Momentum is certainly growing on Capitol Hill for Biden to be held accountable for what has happened.

Even Senate Democrats are forming investigations into how this went so wrong.

But let’s keep in mind who should face punishment. Biden can certainly face impeachment, given his reckless decision that put thousands in danger.

Kamala Harris is also to blame. She claimed to be the “last person in the room” when the decision to pull our troops was made. She has been very quiet, suggesting she is also culpable.

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If both of them are held accountable, so should be Nancy Pelosi. The deranged Speaker continues to celebrate Biden’s move. Even now she defends his decision to give Afghanistan to the Taliban.

But if these three “winners” are removed for their incompetence, what happens next? That would mean Patrick Leahy, Senate president pro tempore, would enter the Oval Office.

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