Lindsey Graham Won’t Let Biden Off The Hook – He Claims Joe’s Failure In Afghanistan Failure Is Now America’s Top National Security Threat

How can you rate all of Joe Biden’s failures? In just one year, he has managed to reverse years of American success at home and abroad. The crises are coming so fast, that it’s easy to forget how many there are!

But as Biden gets buried by one failure after another, Sen. Graham is not letting off the hook on one of his worst. He is hammering Joe for what he did overseas. And he is saying it has become our worst national security threat.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., addresses the Biden administration’s crisis in Afghanistan and the race for governor in Virginia.

Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed Biden over his failures in Afghanistan, saying this humanitarian disaster is now Americans worst national security threat. Because of Biden’s failed Afghanistan mission, the Taliban is now back in power.

This group has connections with our enemies all over the Middle East. They also have billions of dollars worth of our military equipment. Reports revealed they have been trying to flush out and punish Afghan allies in the United States.

What else might they be planning?

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Many national security experts warned that the Taliban might be on the move. With the resources Joe gave them, they can invade neighboring countries and cause all kinds of havoc. And because of Biden’s other crisis, the border, what is stopping them from getting into this country?

Right now, Biden is actively letting migrants over the border. There are reports many are not being vetted and slipping in silently into our country. Should the Taliban seek entry into the country, what will stop them from getting in and planning to strike America?

Biden certainly doesn’t have a plan. And unless something changes soon, that could become a reality.

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