Manchin Puts A Swift End To Biden’s Dream – He Will Probably Put Joe’s Spending Bill On The Shelf Until At Least 2022

Joe Biden managed to get Democrats (and a few RINOs) to pass his infrastructure bill. But that was only one small piece of his larger socialist agenda. His real plan is to pass a massive spending bill that will wreak havoc with the United States’ economy.

But one moderate is standing in his way, Sen. Joe Manchin.

The West Virginia senator has been very open about his opposition to this bill, which he says we cannot pay for. He has frequently criticized Democrats’ attempts to put a trillion-dollar burden on our country, without a plan to cover the costs. Now, he is giving Biden some very bad news.

From Axios:

Red-hot inflation data validates the instinct of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) to punt President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda until next year — potentially killing a quick deal on the $1.75 trillion package, people familiar with the matter tell Axios…

With a limited number of legislative days left in the year, Manchin is content to focus on the issues that need to be addressed, Axios is told.

Reports are coming out that, after frequently criticizing Biden’s spending bill, Sen. Manchin will urge Congress to put it on the back burner until next year. It appears the moderate senator would rather focus on more urgent issues, like funding the government and raising the debt ceiling.

Manchin had previously slammed Biden’s mad attempt to spread socialism across the country. He warned Democrats that this spending bill will only add to the rising inflation that is hammering the country. Manchin also questioned the wisdom of the government rapidly spending more money, while the economy is limping along in recovery.

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He has previously said the bill should be delayed until next year. If that is the case, there is even less chance it will be passed. The closer we get to 2022, the harder it will be for Democrats to get anything done. Lawmakers will be forced to focus on their reelection efforts and will be willing to take less risk as the big day approaches.

Will Congress be even willing to debate this spending package in 2022? The longer they wait, the less likely it will be that this bill will get passed. Polls have not been kind to Democrats. Americans are outraged that they sit back and do nothing as Biden creates one crisis after another. By next year, they will have lost the momentum to pass his radical agenda.

But Democrats might not have a choice. If Manchin is firm on waiting until 2022, then he won’t vote for this bill, if Schumer or Pelosi rushes it. That would lead to its quick demise—a major loss for Joe Biden.

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