Marco Rubio Blasts ‘Woke Democrats’ On Live TV – Says They Will Suffer Devastating Losses In Upcoming Elections For The Incompetency

Joe Biden and his Democrats have been in charge of the federal government for nearly a year. So, how have they been doing? If you look at the major crises hitting our country (and overseas), few would say they are doing great.

Biden has failed to make good on his promise to “build back better.” His stimulus triggered massive inflation, a worker shortage, and a supply chain crisis. Afghanistan fell and China is threatening Taiwan. Now, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio is predicting what will happen to Democrats thanks to their “incompetency”

From Fox News:

Dems will suffer ‘devastating losses’ in upcoming elections for their ‘incompetency’: Rubio

Republican senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, is saying Democrats will suffer “devastating losses” in upcoming elections, thanks to their “incompetency” seen over this year. Democrats had a chance to score big wins for the country in 2021. Instead, they let everything fall apart.

Democrats went back on their promises of “unity” the moment Joe entered office. They torched their Republican colleagues to forge ahead with a divisive, socialist agenda. Biden lurched from one failure to another, his only guiding principle to reverse Trump’s intelligent policies.

Because of that (and so much more), we are experiencing rising fuel prices, a supply chain crisis that might ruin Christmas, an overrun border, surging crime, and a growing threat from overseas. Meanwhile, Democrats only seem concerned with pushing a radical spending bill that will further harm our economy.

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Biden seems totally unaware of what is going on in the country. He walks out on the media, even liberal-leaning outlets that want to help him. Biden’s terrible decisions led to the fall of Afghanistan, a country we fought for, for over 20 years.

And the fallout is already being felt. Democrats are abandoning ship from the House, announcing retirements left and right. It seems they are not eager to fight an uphill and costly battle over a seat they will certainly lose.

With each drop in Biden’s approval, Democrats are getting more desperate. We can’t be sure how 2022 and other elections will shape up, but Rubio’s pretty confident.

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