Mark Levin Dan Bongino Set FIRE To Democrats American PRAVDA and Brian Stelter: They DO NOT LOVE America

“If there was a tyranny checklist, the Democrats are at step eleven of a twelve step process,” said Dan Bongino talking to the Great One Mark Levin this week on his show. Levin has been vindicated by the Durham filings showing what he said all along was true, that Hillary and the Democrats were spying on Donald Trump.

And why were they? They believed they should be in power and for four years that was the sole focus of the press and the Democrats, to an unbelievable extent. Hearings, investigations, warrants, wiretaps, spying, hacking, impeachments, and of course election fraud. There was nothing that was too far. Especially not for the media.

As Levin said, “Our media has become, in effect, the American Pravda.”

“Our media is not interested in truth or facts are objectivity or impartiality. They’re not interested in keeping an eye on Democrat administrations at all. They’re mouthpieces, they celebrate these lies, and they award themselves Pulitzer Prizes for them.”

He has Stelter’s number in here, too. It’s all of CNN, but Stelter is the easiest to see it with because he’s the biggest clown.

It’s really terrible what we are living with in this country. It’s untenable and it cannot last. Sooner or later there must be a reckoning.

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