Matt Gaetz Goes After Joe Biden – He Wants Investigations From All House Committees Into Biden Regime After Midterms

Despite the difficult 2021 we’ve had, signs point to a better future. The Democrats’ devastating failure in charge is leading to a big red wave next November. From everything we’ve seen, Republicans are poised to take the House and perhaps regain the majority in the Senate.

But with Sleepy Joe in the White House, Republican leaders like Matt Gaetz knows that no bill they pass will be signed. So, he has another strategy. He wants to leverage the power of every House committee to hold Biden’s corrupt feet to the fire.

From OANN:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said a Republican majority should convert every congressional committee into an oversight committee…

“So, I don’t want to go through the performative legislative practice…Joe Biden’s not going to sign any bill of consequence that we’d pass and the Senate wouldn’t take it up anyway,” he explained. “So why not use the committee process to expose the truth to the American people and how these terrible choices the Biden administration is making is actually making their lives worse.”

Should Republicans retake the House next fall, Matt Gaetz is calling on his party to use committees to investigate Joe Biden. He wants them to become oversight committees that can “expose the truth” of what Biden is doing to the “American people.” Under those circumstances, Republicans could freeze the Biden administration in its tracks.

It’s no secret that the administration has run off the rails. In only one year, Biden has managed to undo every good accomplishment made by Donald Trump. Biden has triggered countless crises, while also neglecting major issues like China and the supply chain.

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After he let Afghanistan fall, Congress should have acted. There should have been stiff consequences for him, the Pentagon, and the State Department. Yet because Democrats were in control, they protected their hapless leader. Not one person was fired for what happened.

If Matt Gaetz has his way, that fiasco and every other committed by Biden would be investigated.

Does that sound too harsh? Remember, Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call and, later, wild (unproven) accusations over January 6, 2021. Biden has done far worse in just a year. And millions of Americans are demanding answers for inflation, rising crime, and an open border.

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