May Day Antifa/BLM/black bloc rioters ASSAULT a CHILD, attack cops, resist arrest, halt traffic.

If you live in Seattle, ibatten down the hatches and secure all entrances and exits, because the Antifa/BLM/black bloc protesters and rioters are out to “celebrate” their Marxist ideals by committing crimes, disturbing the peace, vandalizing private and public property, and making criminal nuisances of themselves in dangerous but typical fashion. Oh, and assaulting a CHILD.

They got started before the sun even set.

TRENDING : Mistakes Were Made: Watch This IDIOT Antifa Make Bad Life Decision And Pay For It. Bonus: Dumb Twitter Libs!

It’s going to be a long night in the states of Washington and Oregon, to name a few.

Just updated moments ago:

TRENDING : Mitt Romney Gets BOOOED Like Crazy At Utah GOP Convention

The media continue to ignore the year of terror by these anti-American groups. What does that tell you about the media?

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