McCarthy Aims Serious Charge At President Biden – He Accuses Joe Of Turning All American Cities Into Border Cities

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is trying to create an open border. Over one million migrants flooded the country this year. Not only is Joe not sending them back, but he isn’t even giving them court dates for their cases.

The results are obvious. Drug cartels and smugglers have free rein. America is struggling with crime and a shattered economy. All so that Biden has a new welfare class he can exploit for votes. But House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is not staying silent.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy discusses the border crisis, Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, and rising inflation

While the media is silent about the true fallout of the border crisis, Kevin McCarthy is speaking out. He blasted Joe Biden’s obvious policies that are keeping the border open. He said Joe is turning all American cities into border cities.

This is due to the news that Biden is shipping migrants from the border to all corners of the country. He is dumping them into countless American communities.

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These are total strangers, non-Americans who broke the law to come here. We know nothing about them, but they are down living in your town, many demanding government handouts.

The results are obvious but will be felt for years to come. Unless our government actually starts enforcing our immigration laws, nothing is going to stop more from coming. How long before our border is entirely eroded, our communities destroyed, and our livelihoods washed down the drain?

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