McConnell Just Called Chuck Schumer’s Bluff – Mitch Gives The Majority Leader Warning On Government Shutdown

Democrats have made it clear, time and again, they don’t want to work with Republicans. They are pushing a radical spending bill—which will cost us $3.5 trillion. And they want it passed without a single Republican vote.

So, you can imagine our hilarity, when they demand Republicans to vote to raise the debt ceiling.

These leftists wouldn’t spit on a Republican if they were on fire. Yet when it comes to doing the dirty work, like increasing our national debt, they want GOP help. That’s because they don’t want all the blame as inflation grows and our economy falters.

But Mitch McConnell has made it very clear, the GOP ain’t helping. Even if the government shuts down.

From Daily Caller:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Tuesday doubled down on Republican opposition to raising the debt ceiling…

“Whose responsibility is it to do it? A Democratic president, a Democratic House, and a Democratic Senate…”

When asked whether he would object to Democrats attaching it to a short-term funding bill, McConnell offered no concessions.

“That’s their problem. I’m not voting [for a debt limit increase].”

Mitch McConnell made it very clear that Republicans will not support the Democrats’ attempt to raise the debt ceiling. He said the federal government is in the hands of the Democrats. Let them do the dirty work of expanding our national debt.

They’re trying to force Republicans to support this while they push forward multiple radical pieces of legislation without seeking any support from the Republicans.

Democrats seem to think they can force Republicans to vote in raising the debt ceiling by attaching it to a short-term funding bill. But even a government shutdown is not enough for McConnell to budge.

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Hey, let’s get one thing straight. Democrats schemed to wrestle back control of Washington. They exploited the chaos of 2020 and used the media to smear Trump. All to get their cronies in the House, Senate, and White House.

Shouldn’t they be the ones to swallow that bitter debt pill? Yet, for some reason, they expect Republicans to support it too, even after they’ve treated the GOP like dirt.

McConnell doesn’t even care if this stalemate leads to a government shutdown. The last government shutdown happened in early 2019 when Pelosi refused to negotiate on DACA. It lasted for over a month.

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