Melania Just Landed A ‘Special Arrangement’ – America Will Hear A Lot More From Mrs. Trump On Parler

It’s no question that social media platforms are trying to control what people say online. How many of us have been “shadow banned,” silenced, or outright blocked on major apps—all because we refute the left-wing narrative? Such censorship has been driving Americans from major platforms, searching for a new place to speak their mind.

Well, they might have found a new home. Because up-and-coming social network, Parler, seems to be angling to win over patriots and Trump supporters alike. Because they just announced a special partnership with Trump’s closest ally of all, the former First Lady Melania.

From The Hill:

Parler announced on Wednesday that it is engaging in a social media “special arrangement” with former first lady Melania Trump where she will share “exclusive communications” on the social media network…

“I am excited and inspired by free speech platforms that give direct communication to people worldwide. Parler has been on the forefront of utilizing Web3 technology and empowers its users to foster productive discourse,” the former first lady said.

Melania Trump will be teaming up with social network Parler in a “special arrangement.” It appears the former first lady will be featuring exclusive posts and communications on the platform that has attracted many former users on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In the announcement, Melania revealed she considers the platform a place for “free speech” and “direct communications.” Many conservatives joined Parler and other alternative social networks, in the years since Trump was elected president.

This is notable since Donald Trump has been blacklisted from major social networks since the 2020 Election. Word has spread that alternative sites like Parler and Gab have sought Trump’s activity. But the 45th president has not joined any new networks. Instead, he has released numerous statements to the press. And his own social network, TRUTH, is set to go live later this month.

Parler’s exclusive agreement with Melania might be a strategic move for the former first lady. It will give her a platform to call her own, through which she can continue her work. Melania has recently launched her own online endeavors at, which Parler also powers.

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