Melania Outshines Jill Biden For Christmas – This Year’s Christmas White House Decorations Don’t Hold A Candle To Melania’s

If there’s one thing that can be said about Melania (and there are many things we can say), it’s that she had an impeccable knack for style. Not that the fashion and design publications ever noticed. The pathetic Democrats who run our media never gave the former first lady the credit she was owed. But millions of Americans appreciated the hard work she put into making the White House iconic.

And, with another first lady in the WH right now, we are missing Melania, bigly.

It was a special time, every year when Melania unveiled her Christmas decorations. Trump’s wife would transform the White House into a Winter Wonderland. Her attention to detail and startling imagery were the envy of every Christmas display the world over.

How has Jill Biden distinguished herself? Um…

From Western Journal:

First Lady Jill Biden showcased that she had absolutely no taste at all with the unveiling of the 2021 Christmas decorations in the White House on Monday. Biden titled it, “Gifts from the Heart.”

It makes me miss the style and class of the previous First Lady Melania Trump, who brought her own New York flair and took risks when decorating.

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Jill Biden showed off her “Christmas décor” this year on Twitter. Democrats, desperate to spin her drab, meager decorations, claimed it was a return to a “normal” Christmas. Eh… if this is normal and Melania’s was unique, I’ll opt for unique every time.

The photos of Biden’s decorations are mediocre at best. She put up a few trees, a bland wreath, and a pile of boxes that look like they were made out of recycled cardboard. Everything looks half-done and boring, pretty appropriate for an administration that doesn’t know what the hell it is doing.

But it’s especially humiliating, considering the resources available to Biden. Melania made a spectacular display, despite being hated by the MSM and Hollywood. Do you mean to tell me that Jill Biden couldn’t round up at least one professional set designer from La La Land to help her? With all the talent in the world at her fingertips, this is the best Biden could do?

We shouldn’t be surprised, though. Everything about this administration is half-assed and heartless. Rabid liberals on Twitter might celebrate it, but I doubt they even celebrate Christmas.

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