Melania Trump Just Stole The Spotlight – She Just Launched “Melania’s Vision” To Help America’s Children Via NFTs

Former First Lady Melania Trump has kept busy since departing the White House. She continues to fight for the causes she believes in, and frequently steals the show with some jaw-dropping outfits.

And the 45th FLOTUS just made headlines for one of her most important causes: helping America’s children. This was a primary concern of hers when she was in Washington.

Now, Mrs. Trump has revealed “Melania’s Vision,” which is an ambitious and high-tech initiative.

When she was in D.C. alongside her husband, Melania Trump made every effort to support the youth of America. And she remains a force in the world of philanthropy and generosity.

She just keeps finding new ways to improve the lives of our less fortunate children, and bolster the stability of the country as a whole.

That’s why Melania has officially launched a platform for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and has combined it with “Melania’s Vision,” which is essentially digital artwork and audiofiles.

These will be the first in a limited edition run of NFTs, and “part of the proceeds will go towards Mrs. Trump’s efforts to support children in the foster care system” (via Breitbart).

Melania will release these NFTs “in regular intervals,” and they can be found on her website:

If you’re not aware, NFTs are described as follows:

Unique and non-interchangeable units of data sored on blockchains, the decentralized ledger technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

NFTs are typically used to identify proof of ownership of a digital or physical asset, including pictures, videos, and audio files.

NFTs are similar to certificates of authenticity in the digital world, as they’re used to verify the originality of a particular item.

“Melania’s Vision” will feature this picture:

That was created by artist Marc-Antoine Coulon, and it will be launched on the Solana blockchain. It can then be purchased with SOL, which is the cryptocurrency the platform uses.

The cost will be 1 SOL — which currently equates to about $175.

Again, some of the proceeds will go to help children in the foster care system. The idea is to give them access to resources they’ll need to develop new skills in the areas of computer science and technology.

Given the direction the world is going, this seems like a savvy move by the former First Lady.

Melania will produce these NFTs that feature digital artwork, physical artwork, and a physical accessory of historic note, all of which are slated to go up for auction in January 2022.

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Mrs. Trump provided Breitbart with the following statement:

Since leaving the White House, I have envisioned creating a new platform where Freedom of Speech can flourish.

My new NFT gallery,, uses the decentralized nature of Blockchain Technology, and gives a direct connection to people worldwide.

The former FLOTUS then mentioned her “love of the arts,” which was a driving force behind this plan. It also builds on Melania’s Be Best initiative, which she implemented to widespread approval when she was First Lady.

There’s little doubt that Melania’s NFTs will gain plenty of attention, as she still maintains a high level of popularity.

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