Mexican President Trolls Biden During Meeting – Says Americans Are Crossing The Border To Get Cheaper Gas

As the country deals with rising inflation and historically high prices for many of life’s basic necessities, other nations are taking notice.

While much of the world is facing economic difficulties, each country appears to be taking a different approach. Mexico, for instance, recently moved to subsidize gasoline to keep prices from exploding.

Because of that, the Mexican President took a little jab at Joe Biden this week.

In America, the cost of gas remains high and oil companies have repeatedly struck back at Biden’s rhetoric. Most economists say that solely blaming gas prices on the Ukraine war doesn’t tell the whole story.

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Now: Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador unleashed a lengthy speech in the Oval Office on Tuesday, and he talked about everything from immigration policy to the New Deal.

But watchers got the most entertainment from President Obrador citing Mexico’s lower gas prices. They’re so much lower than the U.S. that now border crossers are going the other direction.

Los Angeles Times White House reporter Eli Stokols tweeted about Obrador’s speech, and highlighted the moment when he said Americans are headed south to snag cheaper gas.

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Because gas is $1/gallon cheaper down in Mexico, some U.S. citizens are actually crossing the southern border to save a few dollars.

Biden tried to counter by saying the U.S. has the highest economic growth in the world, though that claim has been questioned by various politicians and financial experts throughout 2022.

Either way, Americans continue to shell out big time at the pump, and Obrador couldn’t resist saying that in this way, Mexicans have it easier.

Specifically, President Obrador said:

While we’re waiting for prices or gasoline to go down in the United States, we have decided that it was necessary for us to allow Americans who live close to the border … to go and get their gasoline on the Mexican side at lower prices.

U.S./Mexico relations aren’t on the best footing these days, what with the border crisis still in full swing.

Most Republicans and Conservative politicians rip the Biden administration for failing to address this critical issue. And in 2021, a reported 1 million illegal immigrants flooded into the country.

Just recently, several Texas counties declared the onslaught was an “invasion” and are asking Governor Greg Abbott to make some strong moves.

Aside from this major problem, however, America must still face jumping inflation and the very real possibility of a recession.

And when citizens are escaping to Mexico to buy cheaper gas, that doesn’t reflect well on Biden’s regime.

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