Mike Lindell Gives More Details On Being Attacked

On the last day of Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium in North Dakota, Lindell took the stage and announced that he was attacked inside of the hotel lobby he was staying at. In a recent interview with 100 Percent Fed Up, Mike Lindell gave more details about regarding the attack.Lindell stated that two men asked to take a photo with him, he then went on to say to say that only one of the two men took a selfie with him while the other man who was about 40 years old stood creepily in the background.Mike furthered explained that a third man appeared out of nowhere and asked for a photo too but this man grabbed Mike from underneath his armpit squeezed him intensely which left Mike in extreme pain.If your familiar with pressure points then you know underneath the armpit is located the  subaxillary bundle which is a group of nerves located under the armpit and when someone applies intense pressure to that area it could cause the arm to go numb.

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100 Percent Fed Up broke the story and released these details:

Yesterday morning, Mike Lindell appeared to be visibly shaken at the start of the final day of his 3-day cyber symposium, where the My Pillow CEO and American patriot promised to share irrefutable evidence of voter fraud in the November 2020 election. “So, when I got to my hotel—I was attacked,” an emotional Mike Lindell told the audience at the symposium.

According to the popular My Pillow CEO, the attack took place in the lobby of his hotel as he returned from dinner with Kendra Reeves, a beautiful Christian woman with whom Mike has been in a committed relationship since 2014.

Mike explained how he and Kendra had just returned to the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel from dinner. He estimates that he entered the lobby between 10:30 and 11 pm CT. As they walked through the lobby toward the elevator, two well-dressed men who Mike and Kendra estimated were between the age of 40-45 yrs old ran up to him and shouted, “Hey, I want your picture!” Although Mike suspected something unusual about the duo, he agreed to have his photo taken with them.

Only one of the two men stood next to Mike as he snapped a selfie of them standing next to each other. Mike told us he found it odd that the other man who ran up to him “strangely stood in the background” and watched while his companion took a selfie.

Only moments later, a “tall” and “very strong” man about 25-30 years old” came running up from the opposite direction “kind of out of nowhere,” asking to have his picture taken with Mike.

Suddenly, the younger man in jeans grabbed Mike and stood next to him. He put his arm around Mike and placed his hand under his armpit. As the older man was taking the photo, the younger man began applying incredible pressure under Mike’s armpit with his hand. Mike explained that the pain under his arm was “excruciating” and “intense,” but he wasn’t quite sure how to react, as he suspected the man with the camera had switched to video mode. Mike didn’t want to give either of the men the satisfaction of knowing how badly he was being hurt, so he continued to stand and smile for the camera without flinching. “He either wanted me to react or to fight him,” Mike said.

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