Mitch McConnell Stops Schumer In His Tracks – He Just Rejected Chuck’s Senate Deal To Ram Through Voting Rights Bill

Chuck Schumer keeps hitting brick walls. The man failed to get Biden’s radical spending bill passed. Chances are, it will never see the light of day. So, Schumer decided to get a set of bills loaded with extreme election changes passed. He needed to kill the filibuster to do so.

And all signs point to the filibuster staying in fact, as at least two Democrats refuse to get rid of it. Schumer, hellbent on getting these election changes done, tried to make perhaps the worst deal imaginable to get Republicans to support him. It would have required every senator to vote yes. Thankfully, it only took one to shut him down.

From The Hill:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Monday night blocked an attempt by Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) to set up simple majority votes on a sweeping elections bill and legislation…

McConnell, however, rejected Schumer’s offer without elaborating on his objection. Under the Senate’s rules, any one senator can try to set up a vote or pass a bill, but because it requires signoff from the full Senate, any one senator can also object and block the request.

Schumer was trying to get every senator to agree to pass these radical election bills with just a simple minority vote. This would have bypassed the filibuster, but it would have required approval from the entire Senate. In exchange, Schumer pinky-swore that Democrats would sign off on letting some of the Republicans’ bills being considered.

Really? Schumer thought Republicans would buy such a terrible deal? Agree to let pass bills that would destroy our elections—so that maybe a few other bills would get passed later on? If Democrats got their elections bills through, it would assure their victory in every election from here to Kingdom Come.

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Nothing would exist that could stop voter fraud, from voter ID to state-level accountability. If Democrats got that, there is no way they’d make good on their “promise” to consider other bills proposed by Republicans.

Mitch McConnell clearly smelled a rat. And he voted against Schumer’s scheme.

You really have to hand it to Schumer. He will pull any trick in the book to get these toxic election bills through. It’s painfully obvious these bills would undermine our elections for good. Yet he doesn’t even pretend to hide his agenda.

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