Months After Police Command Force Walks Out On Democrat Mayor Warren – She Just Lost Her Own 2021 Primary

When Democrats play games with the law, eventually it ends up hurting them in the end.

But it doesn’t always seem that way.

Often, Democrats seem to get away with their schemes. That could have been the case of one Democrat mayor.

Thanks to her leadership, the entire police force resigned. Things got even worse when her home was raided, due to a drug investigation involving her husband.

But the woman refused to resign. At least the voters were smart enough to hand her some justice.

From Daily Wire:

One too many scandals hit incumbent Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren to survive this time around.

The embattled Democratic mayor took a shellacking in the polls Tuesday night to primary challenger, fellow Democrat Malik Evans…

Evans handily took the race, snagging 66% of the vote.

Far too often, Democratic voters stand by their candidates, even when they fail them again and again.

But in the town of Rochester, it seems like losing the entire police force was enough for even Democrats to lose patience.

Mayor Lovely Warren was humiliated in the Democratic primary, losing 66% of the vote.

How does an incumbent mayor, in a majority liberal town, lose that much of the vote?

It probably has something to do with all the scandals hitting her and her family.

In addition to losing the police force and her husband’s investigation, Warren herself was indicted on two felony campaign finance charges.

Geez, why isn’t this woman in jail? That’s probably the question many voters are asking.

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While it is appropriate that this corrupt Democrat faced her just desserts, this town is probably far from out of the woods.

Will the candidate that replaces Warren restore law and order and help turn this town around?

We can’t say, but we do know that this town needs some strong conservative leadership to set things in order.

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