MUST WATCH: Rep. Lauren Boebert Threw A Hard Trolling Video Of Joe Biden

Another false narrative by the mainstream media, regarding the alleged but never proven insurrection and the Capitol attacks on the 6th of January, was released by The Rolling Stones, on October 24th.

Their story involved alleged “planned meetings” which were held prior to the Capitol attack, by elected officials, among which Colorado Representative, Lauren Boebert’s name was listed.

However, Boebert slammed and denied the whole story.

But, look what she did also, as a sign of mocking and revolt towards the Democrat-bought media networks.

Taking place not a week ago, Boebert isn’t letting the liberal media or Democrats intimidate her as she released a new video showing just how she gets motivated before each day. And here’s a little hint – “Let’s Go, Brandon”.

Responding to Rolling Stone’s piece, Boebert criticized them, saying “Once again, the media is acting as a messaging tool for the radical left. The left falsely accused me of giving a reconnaissance tour. In reality, I was visiting the Capitol with my family.” She continued, “They lied claiming my mother was the ‘bull horn lady.’ She was not. They filed an ethics complaint against me for alleged involvement in January 6th activities, but the complaint was dismissed because it simply was not true.” Now grasping at straws, Rolling Stone is using anonymous sources and shoddy reporting to attack me. Thank you, next.”

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