Nancy Pelosi Caught Breaking Washington Rule – Video Slips Out Shows Nancy Breaking Joe’s Mandate

President Joe Biden’s mandates have hit a few roadblocks in recent weeks, as various courts around the country pushed back. One ruling recently halted the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states.

At the same time, Democrat leaders continue to push for masks and other restrictions. This includes the President’s recommendation that everyone wear masks indoors.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just got caught, evidently ignoring this recommendation.

Over the past year, we’ve seen examples of politicians and lawmakers breaking their own guidelines, often appearing in public settings without masks.

This certainly applies to Pelosi, who has been criticized in the past for going maskless while trying to enforce a mask mandate for other House members. Most Republicans see this as highly hypocritical.

Now, it looks like it just happened again — and this time, in Joe Biden’s own backyard.

Speaker Pelosi visited the Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, where she was greeted by a crowd of attendees and reporters. At this point, it’s not especially interesting.

But what many do find interesting is that Pelosi is maskless in a leaked video of the event:

The video shows Pelosi fist-bumping a young child, who is masked. But Nancy clearly isn’t, and this has once again kicked off a firestorm of backlash.

It’s not a requirement that everyone wear masks indoors in D.C., but President Biden has repeatedly urged everyone to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status.

On top of that, tickets for the event said that all attendees over the age of two must wear a mask.

The Museum is definitely an indoor venue, and there are plenty of people around at all times. This would likely prompt healthcare professionals to recommend masks for all and yet, Pelosi isn’t wearing one.

Again, people remember her calls for mask mandates – and punishments for those who don’t follow the mandate – for other House members.

As concerns of a new variant sweep across the globe, leaders everywhere are once again considering draconian measures. This likely includes mask mandates continuing for certain venues.

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It’s also likely that many Democrats will support the measures, as they’ve never appeared to have a problem with government-enforced restrictions.

And yet, more evidence keeps popping up that some leaders simply don’t follow their own advice.

Many citizens point this out and wonder why everyone has to follow these rules and guidelines, except some of the most powerful people in the country. The rich and powerful get to make up their own rules, some say.

We’ll have to see if reporters ask Pelosi about her most recent maskless stint, and how she’ll defend her decision.

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