Nancy Pelosi Goes Back On Her Word – The Speaker Vowed To Step Down In 2022 Now Report Claims She’s Running

It’s no secret that Democrats are looking at a bleak 2022. Most polls and other data suggest they will lose their already slim majority in the House. Many Democrats are already announcing retirements, not wanting to stick around to see the coming red wave.

Many suspected that Pelosi was going to retire, as well. The 81-year-old woman has served in Congress for decades. Surely, she is going to hang up the gavel, especially since Kevin McCarthy is likely to become the next Speaker? She even promised this back in 2018. But, yet again, old Nance has proven to be a flip-flopper.

From The Washington Examiner:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will file and run for reelection in next year’s midterm elections, according to a report, despite her previous pledge to step down as leader of the House Democrats after 2022…

Pelosi has held her party’s top role in the House as both speaker and minority leader for nearly two decades. During leadership elections in 2018, Pelosi agreed to a term-limit plan that would mean she would not seek the speaker’s gavel after the 2022 elections. Last year, she affirmed her commitment to the plan.

Why would anyone believe Pelosi at this point? Back in 2017 and 2018, she vowed not to impeach then-President Donald Trump. She flipped on that immediately. She promised to work with all of Congress for the good of the people. She’s never done that, once.

Back in 2018, she won over skeptics to be elected Speaker once again, because she promised to a term limit that would see her leaving in 2022. She is flipping again. Why are we not surprised?

This is a woman who, from all appearances, is obsessed with power. She even tried to fine and arrest people who refused to obey her rules in the House chambers. Despite all her wild claims, she seems only interested in pushing bills that enrich her liberal buddies and donors.

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The real question is, how will her own people respond to this? This move is a direct contradiction to what she promised just a few years ago. Does she really think the party is going to welcome that with open arms? I mean, when you’re over 80, maybe you should think about retirement?

Most people leave the work-a-day life after 65. Is Pelosi saying that at 81 she is really fit to lead House Democrats? I’m not saying someone like AOC is a better choice, but give me a break. Let’s get someone that’s at least 50 to do it.

If she does run again, the party should revolt. They should not cower to this woman and make her their leader—after she (twice) lead them into the minority.

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