Nancy Pelosi Just Failed The Capitol Again – Report Claims D.C.’s Capitol Police Are Still 400 Officers Short

After the events of January 6, many questions were raised. Although the left has tried to control the narrative, the reality remains that Nancy Pelosi failed to ensure the safety of the Capitol. In fact, many accused the woman of knowing about possible problems but doing nothing to shore up the area.

She tried to cover her failure with an empty “show of force.” Pelosi ordered fencing to be put up around the Capitol, leaving it in place long after any threat remained. But even after an entire year, problems continue. And the Capitol Police chief is blowing the whistle on Nance’s negligence.

From Fox News:

[U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom] Manger, who assumed command of the agency in July, appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to address the changes that have been made to security on Capitol Hill since Jan. 6, and what challenges remain.

“The one thing that we have not been able to fix, so to speak, are the staffing issues… Between not being able to put any academy classes through the prior year, with the attrition, the way it’s been over the past year, we’re now really about 400 officers short of where we need to be and that’s a pretty critical issue for us.”

The current chief of the Capitol Police revealed that they are short 400 officers. He said this was a “pretty critical issue.” It appears Nancy Pelosi has not been prioritizing the safety and security of the Capitol.

Keep in mind, this is the same woman who threatened to arrest people who refused to wear masks while at the Capitol. But she isn’t trying to hire more officers to keep the grounds safe?

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Manger said they lost 130 officers due to retirements last year. The training academy was foolishly shut down for 10 months in 2020. Those are some of the contributing factors for why the force is so short on officers.

You have to also wonder if the left’s ongoing attacks on American police are part of the problem. Why should young people sign up to be cops, when so many on the left treat them like monsters? And in a blue city like D.C., where are they going to find patriotic, law-abiding citizens willing to sign up?

This is a problem entirely created by Democrats. Republicans are known for their love of law and order. In red states, police are respected and treated properly. But in D.C., cops are often slandered and branded enemies. On top of that, we don’t see Pelosi, who is responsible for the protection of the Capitol, doing anything to meet this shortage.

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