Nancy Pelosi Loses Temper On “Her” Media – The Speaker Just Blamed Them For Failing To Sell Her Spending Spree

Over the years, Nancy Pelosi has done some boneheaded things. But I think she just topped herself in the very worst way. Not that she even realizes what she’s done.

We called out Pelosi for breaking her own lockdown rules. We’ve criticized her for bullying congress members. We’ve even called for investigations after she tried to undermine the president’s authority.

Now, old Nance is in the hot seat for admitting what she expects the media to do for her.

.@SpeakerPelosi is mad the media won’t do a better job of helping her sell Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reckless tax and spending spree.

Yes, you heard that right. Pelosi scolded the media for “not selling” to the public America, her massive spending bill. She admitted, on live TV, that she expects the media to prop up and promote the left’s agenda. And that the American people are supposed to “buy” this propaganda from them.

Not that we’re all surprised. We’ve all known for years that much of the mainstream media has a liberal bias. In recent years, they’ve gone out of their way to support Democrats in office, while bashing and slandering Republicans (President Trump being their biggest enemy).

But for Pelosi to openly admit that? That’s pretty shocking, I don’t care who you are. She has inadvertently exposed the true agenda of the American media: to “sell” the Democrats’ agenda to a gullible public.

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Pelosi was complaining because Americans don’t support Biden’s spending bill. And only a few (about 10%) even know what’s in it. Old Nance seems to believe that, had the media “sold” the bill better, Americans would be all for it.

As shocking as that is, she is wrong about one thing. Americans know all about Biden’s toxic bill. We aren’t supporting it, not because we don’t know what’s in it, but because we don’t want socialism. Pelosi doesn’t realize that, because she apparently thinks we are all sheep who believe whatever CNN tells us.

The level of arrogance on display by Pelosi is only topped, by the last time she showed her arrogance. The woman thinks the media serves her agenda. Anyone that defies her is an enemy of the country.

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