Nancy Pelosi Sent Spinning By New Poll – The Speaker Is Viewed Unfavorably By Most American Voters

Despite previous promises, Nancy Pelosi is running for another term. The winds seem against her, as evidence suggests Republicans will retake the House. Pelosi could lose her majority and her gavel, after this year’s midterms. Yet the Democrat, who is increasingly supporting the radical left, still seems to think she should be in charge.

But what do the American people think? Pelosi has wasted her speakership by dividing the country. She impeached Trump twice. Supported Biden’s failed agenda. And ignores the many crises hurting our country to lead her “J6 commission.” All of this has amounted to some very bad news for old Nance.

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From Rasmussen Reports:

A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports finds that 37% of Likely U.S voters have a favorable impression of Pelosi, including 17% who have a Very Favorable view of the California Democrat. Sixty percent (60%) voters view Pelosi unfavorably, including 50% who have a Very Unfavorable impression of her.

Ouch. A new poll by Rasmussen reveals that only 37% of voters have a favorable impression of Nancy Pelosi. A staggering 60% of Americans view her unfavorably, including 50% of folks who have a very unfavorable view of her. Those are worse than Biden’s numbers, who has about a 55% disapproval among voters.

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Why is Nance apparently hated by Americans more than old Joe? Because she has refused to do anything to actually help Americans, especially in the last few trying years. Pelosi promised not to impeach Trump if she regained the gavel in 2018. She broke that promise very quickly. As Speaker, she is obligated to unite the House for the good of the people.

Instead, she’s turned against not only Republicans but even moderate Democrats. All in the name of uplifting the radical left, whose policies only hurt the country. Pelosi has applauded Biden’s failed agenda—and has done nothing to confront the corruption that overwhelms the House (see: Eric Swalwell and his Chinese spy girlfriend).

We’re actually shocked Pelosi’s numbers aren’t lower. But even with these bad numbers, Pelosi has a good shot at winning re-election. She comes from San Francisco, a deeply blue district that doesn’t know what’s good for it. But the wonderful irony is, while Pelosi might win, she will live to see her majority die. And she could finish her time in Congress a total failure, with no power to do anything.

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