Navy Engineer Caught In ‘Peanut Butter Sandwich’ Scheme – He Could Get A Life Sentence For Selling Nuclear Secrets

If we want an effective and powerful military, we need the best and the brightest. But it seems our Armed Forces have become so politicized (thanks to Biden and Obama), that we have some of the worst people working in our military.

We’ve seen people like Austin and Milley fail in their duties. Gen. Milley even confessed to what some people called treason. Yet he faces no penalties for what he said to our enemy, China. Now, we are learning about a Navy engineer who was committing a serious crime.

And he could face a life sentence.

From Fox News:

The Navy nuclear engineer and his wife accused of selling U.S. Navy submarine secrets to a foreign power could face a potential maximum penalty of life in prison…

An unsealed criminal complaint alleges that Jonathan Toebbe contacted an unidentified foreign nation in April 2020 to sell U.S. Navy submarine secrets. The FBI, however, obtained Toebbe’s documents and began communicating with him undercover in December.

The Toebbes hid data cards in items such as a peanut butter sandwich, a Band-Aid wrapper, and a chewing gum package, so the information could be picked up by who they believed was a foreign spy operative, authorities say.

A (former) Navy nuclear engineer and his wife have been arrested for trying to sell U.S. nuclear secrets to a foreign nation. Apparently, Jonathan Toebbe, tried to reach out to a foreign nation, in the hopes of selling them our secrets.

Thankfully, the FBI found out about it and started to communicate with this traitor undercover. Toebbe would hide “data cards” in everyday objects like peanut butter sandwiches and gum packages. He left them in certain places for his “spy” to find them.

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His wife, Diana Toebbe, allegedly acted as a “lookout” for the dropped-off cards.

This is pretty shocking. And totally unacceptable. Biden’s Pentagon has spent months (and millions) rooting out “white supremacists” from the military. Meanwhile, an actual traitor was trying to sell secrets to an enemy. Is Biden at all alarmed?

This raises a pretty alarming question: who else in our military is trying to do the same? While Biden is trying to make our Armed Forces “woke,” he could be missing people working with Iran, Russia, or China.

These two traitors were caught in April 2020. Who was president then? What about this year? Is our military actually secure?

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