NBA Star Publicly Condemns China In Social Media Post – Enes Kanter Calls Xi Jinping A ‘Brutal Dictator’ in Tibet Freedom Video

To the disappointment of millions of Americans, our professional sports have become increasingly “woke.” Our biggest athletes have embraced radical policies, pushing patriotic fans to the brink. In the NBA, some top players have even refused to call out acts of injustice, just to keep their paychecks.

But it appears not all NBA players are afraid to speak up. We’ve seen countless acts of oppression from the communist dictatorship of China. Their oppressive leader has gone after numerous people groups. Our cowardly leaders in Washington (including Joe Biden) have said very little.

However, one NBA star is refusing to bend the knee.

From Breitbart:

Boston Celtics star Enes Kanter published a video Wednesday evening condemning China and dictator Xi Jinping by name for the decades-long brutal repression of Tibet…

Kanter accused the Chinese Communist Party in his video of “cultural genocide” against the Tibetan people, highlighting the violent state campaigns launched to prevent Tibetans from speaking the Tibetan language…

Kanter also debuted sneakers emblazoned with the Tibetan national flag designed by Chinese-Australian dissident artist Badiucao, whose work often promotes campaigns against global dictatorships but particularly focuses on the Chinese Communist Party.

Enes Kanter, from the Boston Celtics, posted a video blasting the Communist Chinese Party and their president Xi Jinping. He specifically called out the foreign nation for its treatment of the land of Tibet. The player did this, despite knowing how much money the NBA gets from the Red Menace.

Numerous NBA athletes have chickened out in recent years over China. Those who have called out the communist nation’s abusive regime were forced to recant. Others, like “woke” star LeBron James, have been oddly quiet over China’s ongoing attacks against its own people (although, he hasn’t shied away from slamming former President Trump).

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It’s not likely Kanter is going to go back on his stance. The fact that he’s using this moment to raise awareness of Tibet, by selling a shoe that literally says “Free Tibet,” suggests he’s going all-in on this issue.

Sure, it might seem like in poor taste to sell shoes over this cause, but it is really a stroke of genius. What do basketball fans love to buy? Basketball sneakers. They are as much of a part of the game as the ball. Selling shoes emblazoned with the Tibet flag is like shouting this issue to every fan of the sport.

Kanter is taking a dramatic stand to not only call out injustice and oppression but is standing up to the cowards within his own league. Far too many professional athletes and leagues have bowed to China over the almighty dollar.

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