New Texas Law Just Caught Fire Across America – Now Ohio Republicans Are Introducing An Even Stronger Pro-Life Ban

It’s no secret that Texas is leading the way in the battle against Biden’s tyranny. And it seems other states are starting to rise up and follow their lead. And one unsuspecting state is carrying the torch for conservative values: Ohio.

In recent months, we’ve seen Ohio Republicans score significant victories. More conservatives are being elected to local and state offices. They have fought to end Democrat-approved mandates and restrictions. And now, in a move that will certainly drive leftists crazy, they are introducing their own pro-life law.

From Just the News:

Ohio House Republicans have introduced legislation to ban all abortions in the state, going even a step further than the recent Texas bill that is now the most restrictive in the nation…

Similar to the Texas law, Ohio’s proposal would allow “any person” to file a civil lawsuit seeking $10,000 or more against anyone in the state who performs an abortion or “knowingly engages in conduct that aids or abets the performance or inducement of an abortion,” which includes insurance paying for one.

Ohio Republicans are putting forward a law that outlaws all abortions in the state. Following Texas’ lead, the law will not criminalize anyone, but make them liable to a $10,000 penalty in civil suits. This is much like Texas’ law, which prohibits the practice after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

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The fact of this law might depend largely on the Texas law, which is will be decided by the Supreme Court. The court will be ruling on two pro-life laws soon, one from Texas and the other from Mississippi. Both laws greater restrict the practice in the respective states, something that Democrat activists cannot stand.

How the Supreme Court rules on these laws could affect every state in America. Already, Ohio is following Texas’s lead to outlaw a practice that is almost worshipped by the left. Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of these laws, all bets are off. Conservative states from coast to coast could pass similar ones.

We could be seeing an entirely new kind of red wave, one that will potentially save the lives of millions of Americans.

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