New Texas Poll Just Got America’s Attention – Governor Abbott Versus Francis “Beto” O’Rourke Has A Lead Of 9 For Abbott

Democrats have spent time and considerable amounts of money targeting the Lone Star State. Often we’ve heard they were going to flip the conservative state blue. But, sadly for them, we haven’t seen it happen.

In fact, recent elections show previously blue districts (with large Hispanic populations) are flipping for Republicans. The state from all appearances is getting more conservative, as Democrats crash and burn all over the country. And in a recent poll of possible governor candidates, the left got some more bad news.

From Newsmax:

Forty-six percent of registered voters in Texas support Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s reelection bid, compared to 37% who back expected Democrat challenger Beto O’Rourke, according to a new poll from the University of Texas at Austin and The Texas Tribune.

A new poll gauged Gov. Abbott’s chances at re-election if he ran against possible Democrat challenger Francis O’Rourke. According to this poll, Abbott won by 46-37—a huge margin and embarrassment to the liberal establishment.

Francis O’Rourke (an Irish man who goes by “Beto” to trick Latino voters) has been propped up by Democrats again and again in failed races. He tried to take Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s seat (an actual Hispanic American) and lost pathetically.

Even after that, O’Rourke thought he could run for president. He failed, backing out to help Biden. But O’Rourke is apparently so unimpressive, he never got that sweet gig Biden allegedly offered him. Now, it seems like the Democrats want him to run for governor of Texas.

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Yeah, that’s a good idea.

I can’t imagine why Democrats would want to nominate O’Rourke for this race. I wouldn’t pick him to mow my lawn, let alone run a state. Texas has been becoming redder and redder in recent years. That has only accelerated since Biden opened up the border. Border towns, getting hammered by migrants, are voting Republicans into power for the first time.

It seems like a man known for eating dirt is not the kind of person they should be nominating for governor. If Democrats were smart, they’d find a moderate candidate who could win over some Republicans and independents. Someone who is not a fan of Joe Biden’s and would not threaten Texas’s booming economy.

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