New York Democrat Arrested By The Cops – He Just Got 2 Major Charges Stefanik Calls For Resignation Of Arquiett

You turn over a rock, you find a Democrat breaking the law. It’s particularly bad with local Democrats, who seem to lack the knack for hiding their indiscretions the way their buddies in D.C. can. We’ve reported on Democrats caught misusing campaign funds, committing bribery, and of course, harassment of loyal staff.

This time around, the man was caught driving while intoxicated. But then the cops found even more. It seems like New York Democrats just can’t stay away from the white stuff. Now, a top Republican from the region is calling for him to depart office.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Police arrested a New York Democrat for intoxicated driving and possession of cocaine after he crashed his car into another vehicle over the weekend.

Tony Arquiett, a St. Lawrence County legislator, was also charged with failure to keep right while driving following Saturday’s crash. Arquiett, 56, will remain in office while his case is pending…

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R., N.Y.) on Tuesday called for Arquiett to resign.

Democrat Tony Arquiett was arrested after police responded to a car crash. The man was not only driving while intoxicated, but they found cocaine on him after they arrested him. He was also charged with other crimes and will go to trial. But, to the shock of sensible people everywhere, he gets to remain in office.

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Um… do the people of New York really want a man like that making laws? Why isn’t he suspended, at the very least? Rep. Elise Stefanik criticized the Democratic Party for its “deafening” silence in not condemning the man. He could have hurt or killed people because of his reckless actions.

Stefanik is calling for him to hit the road. Not literally, of course, he’s already done that. She wants him to resign, as any disgraced politician should.

Man, with each passing day we learn of Democrats getting caught for all kinds of wrongful behavior. You’d think the party would wise up and start picking leaders who don’t get arrested all the time.

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