Newt Gingrich Rebukes Biden On His Latest Stunt – Joe’s Global Trip Was All Smiles But A Complete Failure

We’ve seen for nearly eleven months just how “effective” Joe Biden can be. Americans are suffering thanks to numerous crises at home and abroad. Now, the rest of the world got the chance to see just how much of a failure this Democrat has been.

Ignoring all these problems, Joe went to Scotland to buddy up with the world’s elite. While there, he and his socialist buddies came up with a job-killing program to battle “climate change.” Naturally, China refused to comply.

Now, Newt Gingrich is explaining what really happened. From Fox News:

“The easiest way to summarize where we are is ‘it ain’t working.’… And Glasgow is an absurdity because China won’t participate. China is the largest polluter in the world, and they basically said, ‘We like jobs, we like energy, and we like low cost. So goodbye.’

“So now all these other folks are going to gather, they’ll hum, they’ll sing kumbaya in a climate language. And then they’ll go home and say, ‘Well, we got a lot done.’ And it’s sort of typical of the Biden administration. Nothing achieved, nothing accomplished, but they all smiled a lot.”

Biden and other world leaders met in Scotland to discuss policies to battle “climate change.” But it seems their ideas would only hurt job creation and the economies of most countries. Gingrich criticized the entire event, explaining that the world’s leader in pollution, will never comply with these restrictions.

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And without China getting on board (because they put their agenda ahead of the international community), there is no way the summit’s decisions are going to work. If the top polluter refuses to change, what difference will it make if the U.S. or Europe sets harsher standards?

The only thing this will accomplish is the further diminishing of American jobs. Biden will try to push more environmental restrictions on our industries, ensuring we can’t compete with China and others. And even some of the countries that were at this summit won’t comply. So, as Gingrich said, they accomplished nothing.

But Joe will get the liberal media to pretend like something very important took place. As usual, he and his party are all talk, no substance.

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