Nikki Haley Puts Ilhan Omar In Her Place After Outburst – She Claims Manchin Just Gave America A Second Chance

We are witnessing a breakdown within the Democratic Party. Progressives are showing their true colors as the turn on one of their own, Sen. Joe Manchin. The moderate Democrat refused to support Biden’s socialist spending bill. So, many leftists are attacking him.

One of those progressives is Rep. Ilhan Omar. The “squad” member took to Twitter to slander Manchin over his decision. It seems Omar is only civil with people who do exactly as she says. When someone defies her—even a senior member of her party—she goes for the throat.

After her little rant, however, she was put in her place by a conservative icon.

From Townhall:

[Nikki Haley] called out many aspects of Build Back Better as “BS,” using a more polite term than Omar did to stress her point. Haley also gratefully declared that “Manchin’s decision was a gift and a second chance to America,” and included “#2022” in her tweet.

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley clapped back against Omar’s claim that Manchin’s decision was “bulls**t.” Haley fired back that Biden’s toxic spending bill was “BS.” She blasted Biden’s radical agenda that would “give government more control over people’s lives.”

Haley accused the bill, and Omar, of “glorifying socialism.” She even said Manchin’s bold decision to defy his party and reject Biden’s bill was a “gift” and “second chance” to America.

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Without Manchin’s support, Biden’s “build back better” agenda is DOA. He will not be able to impose the far-left socialist programs he was promising to his extremist base (also known as Bernie Sanders supporters). He will not expand welfare, raise taxes, and kill major industries.

But what about this second chance? Haley including in her post the hashtag #2022, suggesting that now that this bill is dead, Americans can focus on taking their government back. Next year’s midterms could see a dramatic red wave that sweeps Democrats out of office.

Republican could regain a majority in Congress and freeze Biden in his tracks. They might also have a mandate by the voters to investigate and impeach Joe over his unconstitutional moves.

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